User Guide

Click on the links below to understand how PROPTV.MY™ works.

Add property listing



  1. To register click on Sign up for membership button on the second top left button of the page.
    Sign up

  2. Fill in your account info. Your username will be displayed on the website as agent name. Only alphanumerical (A to Z, 0 to 9) is accepted; space, punctuation cannot be used in username.
    Account info

  3. Add your contact info. Your contact number is compulsory.
    Contact info

  4. Please read and accept Terms of Use by ticking the check box “I Agree”. Click Next to proceed.
    Terms & Conditions

  5. Choose your desired package. We encourage you to apply for PRO package to harness the true potential of our service.

  6. You can make payment through PayPal or MOLPay by clicking on the respective button.
    Pay with PayPal
    Pay with MOLPay

  7. Upon completion you membership will be activated instantly and you will also receive notification by email.



Add Property Listing

  1. To add a property listing you must first log in to the website. To do this simply click the the login button on the top left of the page.
    Log in

  2. Click on Listings>Add Listing
    Add Listing

  3. Fill in the Property name and the Listing setting. Set the property setting properly to ensure that the listing appear in the right section and to the right user (i.e. Public).
    Add details

  4. Fill in the property details. Be creative with the property description. Don't forget to click Save Property Description button.
    Property details

  5. For description metadata, put a short description of the property. This section are use as phrase that search engine use to list your property. Don’t forget to tick “Add auto-generated keywords”.
    Property meta data

  6. For Google Map setting in “Address Map” section, key in the address of the property. Our system will determine the latitude and longitude of your property.
    Property Google Map address

  7. Image Gallery is where you upload the photos of your property. We recommend at least 4 high quality photos for each property.
    Property image gallery

  8. Key in your property features. Room details and views are among unique features of our portal, do take advantage of it.
    Property features

  9. Key in appliances the property has (if any), it works for rental unit. If there is any entry that you want to add in Appliances section, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    Property appliances

  10. Fill in your neighborhood details. More info you have better for respective buyer or tenant to make decision.
    Neighborhood details

  11. To embed a video on our listing simply get the embed code from the “Embed” tab on your YouTube video. Copy the whole code into this section. Please make sure that your video setting are set to public in YouTube. If the video are set to “private”, your video will not appear on our site.
    Property video

    Property YouTube video

  12. You may attach floor plan or property brochure to supplement your property details too. Currently only PDF file format is supported.
    Property attachment

  13. Make use of Property Tags for additional information that will be displayed along with the specific property. You can use “Open house” tag should you plan to host an open day for potential buyers to come and visit the property (showroom). This features are use with “Open Dates” features where you set time and date that the property are available for viewing.
    Property tags

  14. Finally click “Finalize” to submit the listing. Congratulations you get your property listed on PROPTV.MY™.